Poetry Teaching & Consulting

Sarah Rose offers poetry coaching and manuscript consultations to help you see your work in a new light, go deeper with your poems, refine your voice and vision, and get out of the slush pile.

Drawing on her extensive experiences as an editor, judge for regional and national contests, educator and – most importantly – working poet, Sarah Rose loves to help poems and manuscripts achieve luminosity. Sarah Rose’s own work has won the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize, the James Wright Poetry Prize, the William Matthews Prize, and an Individual Excellence Award from the Ohio Arts Council, and been a finalist or semi-finalist for the Ohioana Book Prize, Brittingham and Pollak Prizes, New Issues Prize, and others. She has also been awarded fellowships and residencies from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Bread Loaf Writers Conference, Sewanee Conference, Vermont Studio Center, and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

Here are some ways Sarah Rose can support your poetry practice:

Upcoming Workshops

summer workshop flyer

To apply: Send an email to srnordgren@gmail.com with a brief paragraph about yourself and a single poem you’ve written in the past year (under 25 lines).

I will accept 4-8 poets to keep the group intimate and individualized.

Manuscript Consultations

You will receive in-depth and individualized feedback on your chapbook or full-length collection, including: feedback about structure and organization, suggestions about poems to add or cut, suggestions about titling, line edits on individual poems, if desired, and a 90-minute conversation or two-page written response/critique.

Coaching and Mentorship

Coaching can entail anything from a single meeting based on a 10-page sample of poems to a more ongoing mentoring relationship. Coaching agreements can include: tailored writing prompts, reading suggestions, feedback on packets of poems or multiple drafts of a book manuscript, and advice about deepening your relationship with poetry and/or discussion of writing process.


Contact Sarah Rose to discuss fees and scheduling, and to co-design a plan that suits your goals.


“Sarah Rose was instrumental in helping me re-define and refresh my efforts in writing poetry. Her keen critique and in-depth feedback encouraged me to take my work to the next level, resulting in the publication of several individual poems, and ultimately to the publication of my debut poetry chapbook. With Sarah Rose’s guidance, I felt motivated to write into the art of finding poetry everywhere!”

Alan Perry , author of Clerk of the Dead

“Sarah Rose possesses a keen eye for detail and offers expert advice on how to improve poems. But best of all, she doesn’t merely suggest, she inspires, and helps writers to see their work in new ways. She sets them on a path to finding exactly what the poem or manuscript needs.”

Cheryl Whitehead

“The best part of working with Sarah Rose was her genuine enthusiasm for the success of my poems–enthusiasm coupled with an extensive knowledge of poetry and craft. I felt she brought the same care, thoughtfulness, and precision to helping me revise my own poems as she would to her own work. Her feedback has depth and heart.”

Quinn Lewis

“Sarah is one of the best poetry teachers I have worked with. She takes time to find out the creative concerns of each and every one of her students, and tailor her feedback for them accordingly. As an artist who moves between forms, Sarah is also extremely attentive to how her students can broaden their intellectual and artistic horizon. Her insightful feedback lead me to re-examine lines and stanzas that, in my mind, had already ossified, and thus, see each and every poem anew.”

Nandini Dhar, author of Historians of Redundant Moments